2018 dawn chorus, dusk calls

“dawn chorus, dusk calls” urges us not just to understand the depths of identity, but to also consider the enigmatic
worlds women inhabit. The collection builds upon visions presented in the 2016 collection, “The Wild Bunch”.
Continuing to experiment with materials and textures, Shone balances a mix of diaphanous femininity and strong sharp lines.
It is an exercise of understated complexity. Silhouettes are composed monochromatically, while accents of prints
or feather applications add depth to the whole image. He plays with raw “mawata” silk from Thailand – the innermost
part of a silk cocoon – enveloping them between silk organza in various pieces. Shone continues to collaborate with
Jim Thompson, creating four unique handwoven warp-printed silks in the collection. His women are at times indulgent
and overwhelmed by coziness in a feather-trimmed coat, and at times fiery in a sleek ruby eel-skin jacket. They are,
as if, ready to take flight. The collection is a tribute to the strength and mystery of women.

Images by Lee Wei Swee and Cécile Paravina