She Came by the Green Line Bus

A young girl steps out of a bus in a thick fur coat with kohl-lined eyes. Her name is Margot, the iconic character from Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums (2001). This rebellious, yet sophisticated girl with her signature look plays the muse of the collection.

The works of David Hockney, particularly his landscape paintings, inform the design process.

Their contrasting vibrant colors and juxtaposition of various graphical elements are translated into the designs. The collection brings together different techniques, textures, and colors – faux fur, colored stripes, woven laser-cut leather, and PVC filled with flower petals.

That carefree elegance is translated through rounded generous volumes, designed as if they are billowing in the wind. The study of the Victorian crinoline shape prompted an experimentation in “light” and “airy” constructions. The idea resulted in two techniques: the light boning used in the scarves, veils, and a parachute dress and air-filled vacuum bags that blew up skirts to new proportions.

photography Christophe Coënon
makeup and hair Ina Libbrecht
model Charlotte Foubert