She Walks on Marble Columns

A collection of strong yet sensuous femininity. Bold, clean, striking. Women with lofty allure inspired by sculptures of artist Kate Blacker, who used corrugated metal sheets to mold and form aesthetically distorted female silhouettes. The stark metal then painted over in bright colors.

The contrast in Blacker’s work of hard and sculpted surfaces versus the sensuality of the female subject guided the design process. The silhouettes are very linear and elongated, working with and away from the body. Fabrics bonded with aluminum are used to create standing structures. Fluid lines of draped pieces are cut with sharper lines of tailored garments. The color palette, informed by the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe, uses bold combinations of bright colors and stripes. Big clean panels setting against each other.

Garments of a sculptural quality.

photography Lee Wei Swee
makeup and hair Lynn Meyer
models Kim Jaspers