The Brighter World

The Brighter World


"The Brighter World" is an ode to the joy of dressing up. It takes us to an imaginary parlor to witness a gathering of eclectic individuals bound together by a common thread. It is about uplifting yourself through dress, the thrill you get from wearing something bold and special. Throughout the process of creating this collection, form and color take center stage. Generous, billowing volumes and playful color combinations lend a free-spirited feel to the collection. Most of all, a sense of elegance and sophistication are brought into women’s and men’s silhouettes alike, with no defined boundaries. 

Eclecticism plays a major theme in Shone’s work, bringing about a collage of ideas and techniques from the arts and culture. In keeping with the values of the label, material juxtaposition, textures, and a sense of the hand-crafted are present. The raw “mawata” silk, now one of the label’s signature materials, is used to showcase its distinctive quality to hold volume and shape in dresses and trousers. Salmon skin is cut and hand-linked together to form a striking arrow pattern on a cape and skirt. Bold prints appear in three distinct mediums. Double-face cotton silk fabric is hand-painted with bleach in floral patterns, evocative of Japanese ink paintings. A graphical flame lily pattern is screen-printed on a jacket that is completely reversible to reveal its lustrous satin side. The Moroccan boucherouite rugs, woven from scraps of leftover wool and fabrics, inspires a personal interpretation in the form of paper collages, leaving torn edges and textures visible as printed silk pieces. 

The mass of textures, vivid colors, and decadent shapes flow seamlessly through these characters. Here in this parlor, we are welcomed into the society, the vanguard of this brighter world.

Images by Nattaphat Chullasuwan